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Never have world affairs, and particularly, the social, technical and political structure of nations changed so rapidly and dramatically as is witnessed today. Indications are that these changes will expand and accelerate even more. To sustain its new democracy and to have a competitive economy, Croatia must develop leaders to keep pace with these changes. There are the highest levels of talent, intelligence, creativity and resolve among the Croatian youth. It would indeed be an irreversible tragedy in the history of Croatia, and for the new democracies of the world in general, to waste this potential leadership.

CSF helps to develop leaders through education in Croatia. From among scholarship recipients, there will emerge leaders in medicine, public health, science, engineering, education, architecture, marketing, communications, politics, agriculture and many other important fields.


CSF depends upon Croatians who are proud of their heritage. You are invited to become an active leader in CSF activities, including the Annual Dinner-Dance, Newsletter, Scholarship Selection, CSF Awards, Membership Solicitation, Fundraising, Mailings, Correspondence, Graphics, Advertising, Video Productions, and Special Events.

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The Croatian Scholarship Fund seeks your financial support. Without this support we would not be able to provide financial assistance to financially needy and deserving Croatian students attending universities in Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina.  CSF is incorporated as a non profit 501 (c) (3) organization and all contributions to CSF are deductible to the extent allowed by law. All Executive and Advisory board members serve as volunteers and CSF maintains very low administrative overhead in order to maximize its funding to the students. CSF’s finances are audited each year and a tax report is submitted to the IRS.

You may use Pay Pal link (Donate button) to make a safe and secure transaction or mail you check/money order to the address given below.


Become a Sponsor

Due to the generosity of individuals that elect to sponsor one or more students, CSF is fortunate to provide scholarships to Croatian university students. A sponsor can be an individual, a family, or an organization committing to provide financial assistance to a student for three years of their undergraduate work at $ 2,000.00 per year.  A sponsor can also choose to fund two additional years of student’s master’s degree study at $2,000 per year.  Since Croatia became part of Bologna System of European university education, a bachelor’s degree can be earned in three years and a master’s degree in two additional years.  Again, it is up to individual sponsors to fund scholarships beyond the three years of students study.

CSF is continuously looking for student sponsors. Sponsoring a student is a very rewarding experience. When asked why he is sponsoring a student, one sponsor wrote to us “Education is the main driver of a country’s future. Whether you feel you would like to give something back to the country that educated you or your ancestors, or you would simply like to help Croatia in general, your aid will be the most effective if you invest in the education of hard-working and talented young people. For me, contributing to CSF is the ideal, most effective and fulfilling way of supporting the future of Croatia. In my case, I am partially repaying for the world-class education I received there many years ago.

Once students are accepted into the program, a sponsor can request a geographical location, gender, and the proposed field of study of a student they wish to sponsor.  When you become a sponsor a student is assigned to you and will stay in touch with you.  You will be able to follow student’s progress from freshman year to graduation, either in three (bachelor’s degree) or five years (master’s degree).

Many of our sponsors who travel to Croatia have met with their student and report to us that meeting the student and their families was the highlight of their trip. Sponsorship of a student truly changes student’s life for better. Many of our students, especially those from small villages, have told us that without sponsorship they would not be ale to obtain a university education.

In addition to academic excellence, student’s family financial situation is major criteria for awarding a scholarship. As one student writes in a letter to CSF, “CSF scholarship means to me less worries about paying the rent, buying books, traveling to college and returning home. Beside that financial side it means so much more: the thought that someone far away, on another continent, who’s never seen you, and maybe never will, who doesn’t know your personality grants you his money, takes care of your studies, wants you to become intellectual. And, above all he does it all without expecting any benefit.

You can make a donation using our safe and secure PayPal transaction, click the “Donate” button above, or print the donation form by clicking on the “Donation Form” below and mail it with your contribution to the address on the form. Your donation is greatly appreciated!

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Take advantage of our Memorial Gift Program!

Make a gift in memory of a loved one or a friend. Or make a gift as a living tribute in honor of someone you care about – this can be the perfect birthday or anniversary gift for someone who cares about Croatia as much as you do! An acknowledgment will be sent to the person or family you choose and your gift will help provide scholarships and a brighter future for Croatia.

Send a check or money order to:

P.O. Box 290
San Ramon, CA

For additional information,

Maryann Pavic, CSF President 530-888-9076
Marko Buljan, CSF Secretary 650-867-4674