Impact Statement

For the past 25 years CSF has been providing financial assistance to the financially deserving  Croatian university students in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Without this assistance many of these bright young men and women would not be able to obtain university education. This is all made possible because of individuals and families who have generously  supported our mission by donating or sponsoring one or more students.

Welcome to the Croatian Scholarship Fund

The Croatian Scholarship Fund (CSF) is a non-political, charitable, non-profit (503C) organization which was established in 1989 in Northern California.

The primary purpose of this unique organization is to develop leaders for Croatia’s future by providing financial assistance to highly qualified students of Croatian origin, living in Croatia or Bosnia-Hercegovina, so that they may attend a university in Croatia or in Bosnia & Hrezegovina.

Meet our Students


    Josipa Stjepanović

    University: Zagreb

    Major: Pharmacology

    Place of Birth: Slavonski Brod, Croatia

    Sponsor: Mr. Joe Vasilj


    Gabrijela Zlatunić

    University: Split

    Major: Mathematics

    Place of Birth: Livno, BiH



    Lavoslav Kučko

    University: Zagreb

    Major: Mechanical Engineering

    Place of Birth: Sveti Kriz, Croatia

    Sponsor: Mr. Tony Ujdur


    Ivan Kalić

    University: Zagreb

    Major: Mathematics

    Place of Birth: Vinkovci, Croatia

    Sponsor: Mr. Tony Ujdur


    Petra Valjak

    University: Zagreb

    Major: Geology

    Place of Birth: Zagreb, Croatia

    Sponsor: Mr. Mark Palajac


25th Aniversery Concert in Zagreb, Croatia

On September 26, 2014 CSF celebrated 25th aniversery at a concert in Zagreb, Croatia. More about the concert can be found here.......

Grgich Scholarship Information


The process for the 2014 Miljenko Grgich scholarship has ended. In the next few days we'll anounce the recepiants of the two-year scholarship starting in 2014. Click here to find out more detailed information about it.

Winter Newsletter


Our December Newsletter has been mailed . If you wish to receive one, please provide us with your address by clicking here.....

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