CSF honors Opolo Winery

Croatian Scholarship Fund Honors Opolo Vineyard Owners with Award

As part of its yearlong 25th Anniversary Celebration, the Croatian Scholarship Fund is recognizing many of its long-time and valued supporters. In particular, a group of wineries over the years have generously donated their wines for CSF events and auctions. Throughout the year, to honor the generosity of these wineries and their owners, the CSF board and officers are making visits to personally thank them and to bestow on them a beautiful plaque of recognition.

On Friday, March 14, 2014, several CSF officers and board members visited the beautiful facilities of Opolo Vineyards in Paso Robles, California to recognize the winery and its owners for their generous support and contributions to CSF over the years. Opolo Vineyards is owned by two partners, Mr. Rick Quinn and Mr. Dave Nichols. The two share a love for wine and have been close friends and neighbors for many years. Rick, partially of Croatian heritage grew up in Duluth, Minnesota and has fond memories of his family making wine in the basement. That lifelong passion for wine making has come to fruition via Opolo Vineyards.

CSF President Mary Ann Pavic, Vice President Nina Jurjevic and board member Rosemary Dixon presented the ceremonial plaque to Rick and Dave honoring them for their generosity and their kindness to CSF. In Opolo fashion, they opened the doors of the facility to the CSF representatives and treated them to a wonderful day. We encourage all CSF supporters and members to kindly recognize the contributions of Opolo Vineyards towards the success of the Croatian Scholarship Fund and its students.
We hope if you are ever in the Opolo Vineyard neighborhood that you will stop by, say hello and thank them.

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