About Us

About Us


Our Background

The Croatian Scholarship Fund was established in late 1989 in the San Francisco Bay Area by a group of Croatian Americans for the purpose of providing university scholarships for Croatian students who could not otherwise afford a higher education. In 1991, as a direct result of the war and devastation in Croatia, CSF and its Board of Directors became deeply concerned about the severe impact this war would have on future generations as the country began to rebuild. Assistance provided by the United States and other countries in the form of humanitarian contributions helped Croatia considerably. However, in looking ahead, it was clear that there was an urgent need to establish programs not only to help rebuild the infrastructure of the country during the post-war period, but most importantly to establish sound programs which would benefit the growth and development of Croatia’s most important resource — its future generations of leaders, workers and citizens.

Therefore, this newly established non-profit organization focused on the sole purpose of providing financial scholarship aid for Croatian students from Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina to attend universities in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. The Croatian Scholarship Fund’s first Executive Board, elected to provide the leadership and direction for the organization, determined that CSF’s mission would be to raise funds in order to provide scholarships to help educate young, bright and financially needy Croatian men and women who would someday become future leaders in medicine, agriculture, transportation, technology, economics, law, engineering, political science, education, and other academic fields.

With this goal in mind, the CSF Executive Board established rigid academic standards for admission into the program in an effort to select the most promising students who would someday become qualified leaders to help Croatia establish and maintain a free democracy and a sound enterprise system. This would enable Croatia to become more competitive in the world global economy as we enter the 21st century.

Fundraising and Special Recognition

The CSF has received consistent support and recognition by the Croatian community, not only in California but across the US and in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. To date a large number of CSF students have been recognized for their outstanding leadership and accomplishments and their commitment to help other Croatian students. The CSF believes that its efforts to help young Croatian students is paying off.

Each year funds are generated for the scholarship program through private donations and other activities and events. The CSF recognizes any individual, family or an organization providing at least $2,000 to support one full scholarship for a single academic year as a sponsor. CSF estimates that currently there are approximately dozen sponsors. Some sponsors fund as many as six students per year. CSF is grateful to our sponsors and this organization would not be the same without their support.

Each year, the CSF recognizes its many sponsors, contributors, and volunteers at our Annual Dinner-Dance fundraiser in the Sacramento and a Golf Tournament in the Bay Area. The events help raise funds for the program and enables Croatian-Americans to share in the success of the CSF program. The CSF Executive Board also pays special recognition to Croatian-Americans who have made a significant contribution to the promotion of Croatian culture or for professional or personal accomplishments and for other noteworthy achievements.

The CSF greatly appreciates past and present support from many individuals and organizations. We strongly believes that the scholarship program serves as a model throughout the United States, and that the energy and efforts to fund the program are time and money well spent. We urge your continued support in helping these young people to determine their own destiny and Croatia’s future in the years ahead.

For more information – please contact the CSF office:
PO BOX 290
San Ramon, CA 94583

phone:  925-556-6263
e-mail: csfinformation@gmail.com